Neil PercivalThis research project has now concluded – but please do get in touch if you’d like to be part of future projects.

The research is being led by myself, Neil Percival, an academic based at Northumbria University in Newcastle.  I’ve been researching employment conditions and practices in the UK film and TV industry since about 2004.

I want to talk to as many TV workers who have left the industry as possible, to gather information about their working experiences. The goal is to understand why they left the industry, and what they went on to do; but also to explore how people feel about their work experiences, and the changes they have made either voluntarily or reluctantly. This will help us to understand what kinds of employment conditions are common in the industry, especially in relation to overall precarity or sustainability of careers; whether any of these are a cause for concern, in terms of worker wellbeing, impact on diversity or representation in the industry, or on TV audiences; and whether any policy recommendations can or should be made to government or industry policy makers in the light of the findings.

If you used to work in TV, please do drop me a line. I would really like to chat to you about what you loved in your career, and what you didn’t; why you chose to leave, how you found that transition, and what you have done since you left. The research involves one telephone interview and a short form to collect some personal details.

There’s a more detailed information sheet here.

If you’re in the process of leaving, or just about to, I’d be equally keen to chat. Just click the ‘Get in Touch’ button to drop me a line.

All the information you provide will be anonymous – you will not be identifiable in the research findings.
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