Returning to work

It’s clear from the research we have been doing that whatever the problems are in terms of remaining in the TV industry, organisations like Media Parents are a very important part of the solution.¬†They are currently re-opening their ‘back to work’ scheme –

I’m chairing a conference panel in Leicester in September, with my colleague Sarah Ralph, about women’s careers in film and TV and we will be presenting some of the findings from this research project. Media Parents will also be represented on the panel, so I’m looking forward to hearing more about their work.

A flying start

Thanks everyone for the IMMENSE response to the mailout on Monday. I’ve already received around 90 offers of help from individuals who’ve left the industry, and it’s an absolutely flying start to the research, with phone conversations now scheduled over a four week period from mid-March to mid-April.

This means it may take a little while to get to some of you, and I’ve had to put a few people on standby, but I am sure that schedules will move round and I’ll get everyone in somehow. The bigger the sample, of course, the more accurate the picture I can build, so please keep your interest coming and keep sharing this site. Thanks again!